• Consulting & Commissioning Services

    Supporting Engagement, Learning & Research Professionals

    in business, charity, community, healthcare and built environment contexts,

    creating engaging, effective and memorable content and experiences

    for your audiences and stakeholders


    Supporting Engagement Professionals

    • provide creative input to employee engagement strategy, events, content and campaigns
    • create and commission creative content
    • design and host custom employee engagement events including away-days, teambuilding events and roadshows
    • co-design and co-create working environments that support creativity, imagination and innovation
    • support you with commissioning of creative practitioners
    • coaching & training for professionals to become more effective in their leadership and engagement through using visual, creative and participative tools and methods




    Supporting Learning, Development & Education Professionals to:

    • create rich, meaningful and memorable learning experiences
    • add extra imagination and creativity to learning materials, journeys and environments
    • design and host custom learning journeys for specific user groups and learning needs
    • adapt your teaching style and learning materials to meet the needs of whole-brain and right-brain thinkers
    • support you with commissioning of creative practitioners
    • coaching & training for professionals to become more effective in their teaching and facilitating through using visual, creative and participative tools and methods



    Supporting Research Professionals and Practitioners to:

    • use creative tools and practices to harvest insight
    • present research findings using infographics, graphic design, visual reports and stories
    • design action-research experiences and journeys
    • explore how art can make your research process more effective
    • deliver individual and group learning journeys to develop visual research and presentation skills
    • coaching & training for professionals to become more effective in their leadership and engagement through using visual, creative and participative tools and methods
  • Ways we can work together

    Clarify & Crystallise

    Your needs, intentions, ideas and brief

    "The Art of the Start" - Guy Kawasaki

    So many projects fail because there is insufficient clarity at the beginning. Use our expertise to help you clarify your idea(s), project(s) and plan(s) - and give them the best chance of success, right from the start.

    • Intention is the seed of creativity - and clarity opens up connections and channels in our brains, creating space for inspiration, genius and magic.
    • Use our processes and tools to help you get the clarity on your intentions and ideas
    • Be supported in the development of a clear brief 
    • Explore the possibilities for how best to approach your project or idea
    • Develop plans, roadmaps and a vision using whole-brain and right-brain tools




    Our expertise & experience

    We can provide ad-hoc and ongoing support on your projects and initiatives - giving you access to creative, innovative and multi-disciplinary expertise when you most need it.


    Consult our specialists on:

    • Developing your engagement strategy for your audience / key stakeholder group(s)
    • Participatory tools and processes that will benefit your engagement 
    • Ideas to create more participation and connection 
    • Design of learning and engagement journeys & experiences 
    • How and who to commission to help you with your engagement needs
    • Ways to cater for diverse audience groups 

    Commission & Create

    Creative content, professionals and practitioners

    We can support you in the commissioning process; ensuring you get best practitioners, excellent value for money and fair agreements that set the stage for really powerful creative partnerships.

    • Find the best practitioners for you to work with 
    • Provide a really clear brief and success criteria
    • Agree a clear work approach that best meets your needs and suits your values and culture
    • Set up agreements & contracts that set the stage for brilliant work 
    • As needed, direct and manage the commissioned practitioners on your behalf 


    We have commissioned creatives to deliver the following for our clients:

    • Graphic Recording
    • Graphic / Visual Facilitation
    • Visual Reports
    • Visual Concepts
    • Visual Icons
    • Interactive Games & Participative exercises at events
    • Visual Process Maps
    • Templates 
    • Storyboards
    • E-Learning Content
    • Animations
    • Short films
    • Workspace Survey & Design Input
    • Maps
    • Caricatures 
    • Visual Lanyards

    Coach & Train

    You &/or your Colleagues/Employees

    We can coach and train you/your colleagues to become more creative and visual in your leadership approach.


    So far, we've provided sessions in support of:

    • A Client Director to do her sales pitch using visual language
    • A CEO to use visual language, design thinking and storyboards in his Leadership
    • A facilitator to explore more creative ways to engage his client group
    • A Leader of Innovation to become more effective at communication using visual leadership
    • A conscious entrepreneur on how to better engage her customers in her brand values and story 
    • A Clinical Researcher - helping her to develop a strategy and ideas for patient engagement on her project
    • A Solo-preneur - helping her to improve her drawing skills and increasing her confidence to work visually
  • What people say about our work together

    A Handful of Quotes from Clients....

    "Professional, Responsive, Receptive, Creative and Innovative"

    - Hege Sæbjørnsen IKEA Sustainability Mgr UK&EI


    "Utterly Unique ..I am incredibly grateful that our paths continue to cross. "

    - Martin Deakin, Senior Level Engagement Professional

    We greatly enjoyed working with the team from Endless Possibilities to create a visual representation of what we do. Karen and the team really helped us think carefully about the how we wanted to share the artefact and who it was for and this ensured the end result is great and represents us very well.

    - Steve Gray - CEO Earthwatch


    "Wonderful to work with; clever, creative and calming.."

    - Nicky Gatenby - Propellernet

    "A refreshing change from the 'formula' approach.."

    - Bill Dudman - HR Consult

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