• Welcome to a world of imagination & creativity

    Let's join together and be a Creative Force for Change

  • We work best with....

    People who think differently, are willing to take creative risks

    and who want to

    authentically engage and connect with their audiences and stakeholders

    Event Organisers & Producers

    of Business, Charity & Community Events

    • Bringing additional creativity, imagination & energy to your events
    • Helping you connect with your audience(s) to fulfil on your intentions and engagement goals
    • Creating artefacts, tools and environments that inspire and engage people in the whole-brain way
    • Doing things differently and creating memorable experiences
    • Supporting you in curating events - inc. venues, activities, artefacts & materials, practitioners, food & refreshments



    Facilitators & Trainers

    ​Supporting you in your engagement and learning journeys

    • Supporting you in creating memorable, high impact learning journeys
    • Develop a wider strategy for engagement - in support of your event 
    • Assisting you with facilitation support, tools and activities at events
    • Designing, making and/or sourcing artefacts, tools and environments that inspire and engage people in the whole-brain way
    • Helping you to energise your participants 
    • Curating events - inc. venues, activities, artefacts & materials, practitioners, food & refreshments
    • Commissioning of awesome practitioners, creative genius' and alchemists -  inc. brief development, commissioning and creative direction 
    • Shadow/supportive consulting on your client projects 


    of Businesses, Organisations & Enterprises

    • Supporting you in developing Visual Leadership
    • Helping you to reclaim and cultivate your creativity
    • Co-design creativity into your organisation and workplace
    • Creating artefacts, tools and games that inspire and engage your people
    • Connecting you with solid practitioners who can support you and your organisation/enterprise

    Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

    Supporting you to engage and energise your employees

    • Support with your Strategy for Employee Engagement & Wellbeing 
    • Bolster your engagement strategy with our creative input 
    • Facilitated support to help you tap into more of your creative genius
    • You can have our artists, designers and makers create custom artefacts, tools and environments that inspire and engage people in the whole-brain way - and we can source existing tools for you too. 
    • Commission awesome practitioners, creative genius' and alchemists -  inc. brief development, commissioning and creative direction 
    • Shadow/supportive consulting on your client projects 


  • How we Work

    We can help you explore the possibilities for bringing more creativity into your event or workplace and support you in finding the right activities, tools and practitioners that most suit your aims and audiences.


    After an initial 20 minute Discovery Session,

    all sessions and behind the scenes work are charged by the hour.


    Programmes, blocks of sessions and retained support are available and

    can be designed to meet your needs and available levels of investment.

    We Consult

    Ad-hoc & Ongoing Consultancy Sessions

    Bringing more creativity into your:

    * event

    * learning journey

    * leadership

    * engagement

    * team

    * ways of working

    * culture

    * learning

    * project or programme


    We Commission

    Brilliant Practitioners

    Whether we commission on your behalf or guide you through the process - I can support you in ensuring you get best practitioners, excellent value for money and fair agreements that set the stage for really powerful creative partnerships.

    We Create

    Artefacts, experiences & journeys for change

    We create artefacts, experiences and journeys that support you in fulfilling your intentions - be it to visuialise your strategy, plan or problem, map out your business, project or process or to work more creatively both individually and collectively - inspiring, engaging and energising you and your audiences and stakeholders.

    We Clarify

    Your ideas, brief or project

    Clarity is a critical factor of success of any idea, project or business.


    We are really good at supporting people in gaining clarity - and from both experience and theory, we know how powerful that clarity can be in the processes of change and creativity.


    We Coach

    You and your teams to become more creative, visual and whole-brained

    Studies have shown that humanity's greatest philosophers, thinkers, investors and artists use both brain hemispheres together in unison.


    By integrating both hemispheres of your brain and allowing them to work in sync, you will experience an increase in overall mental health, enhancing cognitive performance, better memory and intellectual functioning.


    We can support you in engaging and developing your whole brain capacities - enabling you to really fulfill your potential.

    We Curate

    Practitioners, spaces, ideas and experiences

    Working in support of you and your goals, visions and intentions for change - in alignment with your brand, values, ideal culture and internal climate.

    We Collaborate

    With talented people who are passionate about creativity

    Artists, facilitators, storytellers, makers, musicians, healing arts practitioners, chefs and nutritionists... all who can support you in cultivating creativity at your workplace or event.

    We Connect

    People, information, tools and ideas

    Catalysing your shifts in thinking, being and doing - and helping you to be more successful in achieving your goals and fulfilling your intentions.

  • What people say about our work together

    A Handful of Quotes from Clients....

    "Professional, Responsive, Receptive, Creative and Innovative"

    - Hege Sæbjørnsen IKEA Sustainability Mgr UK&EI


    "Utterly Unique ..I am incredibly grateful that our paths continue to cross. "

    - Martin Deakin

    We greatly enjoyed working with the team from Endless Possibilities to create a visual representation of what we do.

    Leela (Karen) and team really helped us think carefully about the how we wanted to share the artefact and who it was for

    and this ensured the end result is great and represents us very well.

    - Steve Gray - CEO Earthwatch


    "Wonderful to work with; clever, creative and calming.."

    - Nicky Gatenby - Propellernet

    "A refreshing change from the 'formula' approach.."

    - Bill Dudman - HR Consult

  • Possibilities, Programmes & Packages

    There is a range of options for how we can support you in cultivating your

    creativity, engaging your audiences and developing your whole brain capabilities.

    Visual Coaching

    Mapping & visioning your ideas, problems, plans, solutions, visions and concepts.

    Creative Leadership

    Supporting you in becoming a Creative Leader - through 121 support and group Learning Journeys

    Games & Kits

    Making & Sourcing Games that engage your team(s) in an effective, fun and memorable way.


    A key leadership skill for today's leaders - workshops and coaching to develop your storytelling capability & confidence.

    Visual Research

    Bringing your research to life with visuals, models, maps and infographics

    How to...

    Learning journeys for Visual Notes, Visual Research, Animation & Art of Engagement.

    Roving Reporters

    Interviewing your guests & participants and illustrating their feedback & input

    Graphic Recording

    Live illustrations, murals and scribing of your meeting, workshop or conference.

    Workshop Materials

    Illustration, design & print of artefacts for your workshop or event.

    Event Energisers

    Maintain and support engagement & participation with energising activities & interventions.

    Conscious Catering

    Energise and inspire people at your workplace or event, with healthy, tasty food.


    Inspire your employees, audiences or stakeholders with a keynote session about creativity, innovation, wellbeing and the power of the mind!


    Team/Group Drumming Sessions & Events to energise and bond your team - amazing for stimulating connection between each other and with the whole brain.


    Enjoy the countless benefits of laughter yoga - and bring an unusual touch to your event!

    Song & Voice

    A simple, fun and effective way to build connection with a group - our choir leaders can have you all singing within no time. No experience necessary!

    Workspace Design

    Create the space for creativity and whole-brain thinking to flourish

    Quiet Spaces

    We can create a quiet, calm space in your office/workplace - and teach you to meditate too.

    Way Finding

    Hand-scribed way-finding for your workplace or event


    Hand-drawn and stop-frame animations to help you share your message or story with your audiences


    Let us guide you on a journey into nature - and give your innovation, creativity, resilience and productivity a boost.

    Labyrinth Walks

    An ancient, effective tool for clarity and reflection for individuals and groups.

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